We are a company specialized in developing on-demand web solutions.

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Unlock yourdigital vision with software development

We develop personalized web solutions to be integrated into your company's management system.

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Why us?

Your vision, our expertise — crafted into bespoke solutions that elevate your brand and drive results

We use a robust platform ready to add new features as needed. In other words, it is as if the structure of your building was already built, ready to be finished.

Every segment is welcome

We have the flexibility to develop any web solution according to your needs.






Oil and natural gas

Every segment is welcome

We have the flexibility to develop any web solution according to your needs.






Oil and natural gas

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How it works?

Hiring software development is not


We make the process as transparent and fluid as possible for our customers.

Equipe em uma reunião de briefing

Schedule a meeting

One of our experts will meet with you in a virtual meeting to understand the requirements of the project you have in mind.

Schedule a meeting

Preparation of the project scope

We will develop an initial scope that will serve as the basis for the development of the project. Once the scope is ready, we will send it for your approval. Only after approval will we formulate a proposal.


Presentation of the proposal

We will present the commercial proposal for the project to you and your team. At this point we will talk about the investment schedule and forecast.


Approval of the proposal Project start

Once the commercial proposal is approved, we will hold some meetings to further detail the project. At this point we will present the final delivery schedule and explain how we will make the various deliveries during the project.


Constant deliveries

Get in touch with the project in operation after just a few days. The entire development of the project is made up of constant deliveries.


Project review

Close to the completion of the initial project, we will do a complete scope review with your team so that we do not leave any item unattended.


Constant evolution

No software is completely complete. Any improvements your company needs can be implemented continuously.

Who are we?

We are a company specialized in web development, a team distributed between Brazil and Canada who are passionate about technology and agile processes.


years of history in the software industry


contracted and delivered service hours

$ 125mi

invoiced by our customers in the last 12 months using our systems


We answer some questions that may arise.

The value of a project varies depending on its scope. The more complex and extensive it is, the greater the investment value. But don't worry about that for now, get in touch to survey the investment at no cost or commitment.

Just like the investment value, project time depends on the scope. For small projects, we estimate delivery within a maximum of 90 days after approval.

Our difference is to reduce the cost and time of developing your project with the use of an optimized framework ("Base Framework"). This framework is made up of the main resources of a Web system. It can also be customized for your company's visual identity.

No. Our focus is exclusively on Web solutions. But we have partners that we can recommend for the development of an integrated application.

Integration is the responsibility of your ERP supplier's technical team. We will provide the necessary documentation and APIs so that you can develop an automated integration.

This would drastically increase development cost and time. Using a framework optimizes these two aspects.

Our clients choose Procedo precisely because of its ease and independence. The investment with Procedo is generally lower and the user experience is better.

We use technologies for web development such as Html5, JS, CSS, Laravel and Mysql. We also use Amazon services for hosting, file storage, sending emails, among others.

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